Short description of the CRYSTAL POOL SYSTEM


he system is designed for purification and decontamination of water in :

  • Bubble pools
  • Children's pools
  • Hotel, public and private swimming pools
  • Water park pools
  • Fountains
  • Ponds and others.

Suitable for adults and children with alergies to chlorine

Eye irritation, irritation and redness, dry or watery eyes, dry, firm and red skin rash. Crystal Pool System saves all these unpleasant experiences and leaves you alone for the pleasure of contact with amazingly clean and fresh water.

Green product

Crystal Pool System eliminates the use of chemicals to treat the water in the pools, which are harmful and dangerous for both human health and the environment.

Crystal clear water

Crystal Pool System is the only method that can maintain your pool without chemicals. Thanks to the combination of the ionization of copper ions and UV disinfection by UV irradiation to give a complete cleaning of the pool water.

Saving money

Another no less important advantage of Crystal Pool System is saving electricity as a result of reduced filtration and savings for chemicals.

Innovative technologies

Investing in Crystal Pool System you actually invest in your future and improve their quality of your life. Choosing the most powerful and innovative ecological system for disinfection of swimming pools in the world.

No irritation to skin and eyes

Because Crystal Pool System needs no preparations for the maintenance of your pool instantly stops the problem with burning eyes and skin problems.

No odor of preparations

Installing Crystal Pool System you will have the purest water in your pool without organic and particulate pollutants and harmful to human health, impurities and odor of chlorine.

Long service life

The simplified to the maximum and at the same time super efficient workflow of the Crystal Pool System guarantees you many years of operation and easy maintenance of your pool, with no more thinking about chemicals and preparations, but simply enjoing its use.

Saving cartridges and time maintaining your pool

Crystal Pool System will reduce your money for chemicals and stabilizers for water maintenance, which is not a small resource pool maintenance, or otherwise – after installing the Crystal Pool System will simply eliminate the cost of chemical maintenance.

The system is designed for purification and disinfection of water in swimming pools, hot tubs, spas. It consists of three main parts:

  • Module for ionization and oxidation of the water
  • Module for UV-C disinfection
  • Control Panel

The modules for UV-C disinfection, oxidation and ionization can not work alone. The management and the power supply is done from the control panel. The system can only work with one of the modules or both simultaneously.

The ionization and oxidation module is made of transparent plexiglas tube capable of enduring high pressure. In the tube, there are two types of electrodes – copper and titanium. The module is mounted at the outlet of the filter by a water pipe leading to the pool. The copper ions destroy bacteria, viruses, algae and some of the ponds in the swimming pools and prevent it from re-forming in the water. The titanium electrodes are performing a natural process of oxygen extraction by the separation of the water molecule. While it is in the mode of oxidation own process of electrolysis causes electro-physical separation of the water into oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen is 10 times stronger oxidant than chlorine. The oxygen atoms separated in this process are responsible for removal of dead organic material and other contaminants in the water, such as fat and oil tanning.
Upon application of a voltage of one of the electrodes establishes an excess of electrons (negatively charged electrode, cathode) and the other is a shortage of electrons (a positively charged electrode, anode). Negatively charged electrode attracts the positively charged ions (cations) in solution moving towards him. Reaching the cathode (-), the ions can adopt an electron (s) and to reduce:
Формула за йонизация
By analogy anions are attracted to the anode (+), where they lose electrons and oxidize:
Формула за йонизация
The above processes of the reduction / oxidation may be carried out only if it exceeds a particular value of the electrode potential. (For the first reaction U <= 0 V, the second U> = +1,23 V). To work the two processes of the electrodes should be applied minimum voltage U = 1,23 – (0) = 1,23 V. The system operates with 12V DC.

The module for UV disinfection body is made of stainless steel and can withstand a pressure of 10 Bar with mounted UV-C lamps. The lights are separated from the water volume through high pressure resistant quartz flask. UV-C radiation kills bacteria, algae and some viruses in the water. The supply voltage of the lamps is 220V AC. By powerring the system there must be provided a RCD 10A / 30mA supply panel.

Through the control panel to manage both modules ionization – oxidation and UV disinfection. They can be operated separately or jointly as needed. The dashboard is made of ABS and provided for external wall mounting resistance to mechanical impact IK07 and degree of protection IP65. It is equipped with a PLC controller. On the front panel under the transparent cover is mounted SPS display for process visualization. Through the function keys on the display is able to change operating modes, operating time and cycle modes, zadavavane automatic and manual mode and start and stop a process if desired. All input and output connections come in a convenient location at the bottom of the panel through terminal blocks.
To the board and consistent flow switch that blocks the system in the absence of water circulation in view of the safety equipment and energy saving.

  • Body of transparent plexiglass tube capable of enduring high pressure
  • Connecting sleeves
  • Copper Electrodes
  • Titanium electrodes
  • LED panel to indicate operating the modes
  • Stainless steel body
  • Connection flanges
  • UV-C lamps
  • Electronic ballasts
  • Insulated glass body for the UV-C lamps
  • Caps for the UV-C lamps
  • LED Panel with fault indication lamp
  • Breaker
  • Body – ABS, fit to wall
  • Body color – grey
  • Cover color – transparent
  • Resistance to mechanical shock – IK07
  • Degree of protection – IP65
  • Dimensions – 280мм./219мм./156мм.
  • SPS Display settings and process visualization IP65
  • Flow Sensor IP65

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Crystal Pool System

Crystal Pool System