Probably the most powerful system for treatment of water in swimming pools on the market

Combines the most reliable and innovative technology - double ionization system + UVC system.

Crystal pool is a system for treatment of water in swimming pools and other water facilities, without the use of chlorine.

Crystal pool system is the product of long research, analysis and evaluation of the impact of chemicals on human health. The trend in recent years towards environmental protection and the use of safe products in everyday life, the rich experience in the maintenance of water in pools we have accumulated over the years, as well as our natural desire to improve constantly, encouraged us to create the water treatment system Crystal pool system.

Crystal pool system eliminates the use of chemicals for treatment of water in swimming pools, such as chlorine and other oxidizing agents, which are harmful and dangerous both for human health and the environment.

Crystal pool system does not pollute the atmosphere, what is more, by installing our system you will have the cleanest water in your pool, without organic and mechanic pollutants and impurities, harmful for human health.

By using Crystal pool system, you will have 100% clean water, which does not irritate the eyes and skin, is suitable for children and adults with allergies to chlorine, you will save time and money for maintenance of the pool. Crystal pool system is made of high-quality materials, which ensure a long life of operation.

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